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Little Eyes®

Little Eyes® gentle cleansing eye wipes provide a convenient way to clean and refresh your baby’s eyelids and lashes.

The soft, absorbent wipes have been specially designed to remove ocular secretions, scales, crusted matter and residue from their lashes and delicate skin around the eyes.

Little Eyes uses a unique embossed technology which ensures every wipe is silky soft while remaining thick and strong enough to clean away crusted matter.

  • Suitable for newborns
  • Sterilized, hypoallergenic and pH balanced
  • Tearless, rinse-free formula
  • Alcohol, preservative and fragrance free
  • Soothing formulation, enriched with chamomile extract
  • Ophthalmologist recommended
  • Dermatologist certified
  • Suitable for the most sensitive skins


Available in:
30 x individual wipes carton

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When to use

Eye infections are common in newborn babies and young children, any newborn baby with conjunctivitis should see a doctor immediately to rule out infection, which can be very serious. Conditions like conjunctivitis, blocked tear ducts and styes can leave your little one’s eyes looking red, swollen or crusty.

You can use sterilised eye wipes such as Little Eyes to gently clean the delicate eye area and remove secretions and discharge from around the eyes.
Little Eyes can also be used as a warm or cold compress for soothing relief.

Little Eyes will not treat eye infections. They are designed to gently clean the delicate eye area and eyelashes to remove ocular secretions, scales, crusted matter and residue.


Free from:

  • Alcohol
  • Fragrance
  • Preservative


If your little one has an eye infection your healthcare professional may suggest an eye-care regimen including cleaning, warm compresses, eyelid massage and eye drops.

For cleaning the eyes follow the instructions below:

  • Use a separate sterilised wipe for cleansing each eye and use a clean wipe for each application
  • Tear open sachet and unfold the Little Eyes wipe
  • Wipe from the inner corner of the eye (next to the nose) toward the outer corner
  • Use a clean area of the wipe so that drainage being cleaned away is not rubbed back across the eye
  • Take care to cleanse in between the lashes and sides of the eyelid. Do not wipe along inner eyelid
  • After use dispose of Little Eyes wipe in a suitable container and then wash your hands

For warm and cold compress:

  • To use as a warm compress, place the sachet in a cup of warm water for a few minutes.
  • To use as a cold compress, place the sachet in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

Do not use if the sachet is open, damaged or marked.

Lid massage

  • Using a warm or cold Little Eyes wipe massage the whole width of the closed eyelids
  • Firmly stroke the skin of the lids downwards (towards the lashes) for the top lid
  • Firmly stroke the skin of the lids upwards (towards the lashes) for the bottom lid


Little Eyes can be used as often as necessary and for as long as required.