Did you get another sleepless night from your little one’s endless coughing? Unfortunately, young children cough a lot. Coughing is extremely common – it is often a symptom of respiratory tract infections that can affect kids many times each year.

While it is distressing to see your child coughing so much, it can help to know that productive coughs (those that produce mucus) are helping to protect their airways. You can help your little one, too, by giving them Little Coughs – an expectorant that helps to loosen and thin mucus, making it easier to cough it up.

Sometimes, it can seem as though your little one will never stop coughing. In fact, most young children get a cough and/or cold 6 to 12 times each year. Considering that these bouts of chesty coughing can last longer than a week each time, that’s a lot of the year taken up with coughing!

Why do we cough?

When your little one coughs, their body is removing foreign material or mucus from their airway. The cough is triggered when the nerve endings in the airways are irritated. It’s a natural reflex that helps to protect their airways and help with upper airway infections.

Most coughs are caused by respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold, flu or mild bronchitis.

What are productive coughs?

A productive (or wet) cough is one in which the cough is producing mucus. It sounds chesty or congested, and is accompanied by a build-up of mucus or phlegm in the lungs. A productive cough is a common symptom of a respiratory tract infection due to a cold or flu.

Productive coughs can be eased with Little Coughs, a treatment that helps to loosen and thin the mucus to make it easier for your little one to cough it up. Little Coughs also helps to relieve the feeling of tightness on their little chest.
Based on an extract of ivy leaf, Little Coughs acts as an expectorant and soothes the cough. Ivy leaf has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb for cough relief, and has been shown to help with productive coughs.